Links & Resources

University at Buffalo (UB) Department of Psychology – Includes a list of the Department’s faculty, application materials, and much more.

IACUC training – A resource for new members of the lab. There are many training classes and tutorials, some of which are listed here.

Research Society on Alcoholism – The meeting ground for alcohol researchers!

Society for Neuroscience – Resistance is futile.

Recent Collaborators & Coauthors

Jerry Richards – Research Institute on Addictions
Shelly Flagel – University of Michigan
Vedran Lovic – University of Calgary
Caroline Bass – University at Buffalo
Wayne Aldridge – University of Michigan
Stewart Clark – University at Buffalo
David Dietz – University at Buffalo
Derek Daniels – University at Buffalo
Micheal Dent – University at Buffalo
Terry Robinson – University of Michigan
Hao Chen – University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Abraham Palmer – UC San Diego
Leah Solberg Woods – Medical College of Wisconsin
Carrie Ferrario – University at Michigan
Larry Hawk – University at Buffalo
Ben Saunders – Johns Hopkins University