Summer 2018: Long overdue Meyerlab lunch! From left: Alex Lamparelli, Liam Cleary, Jordan Tripi (up front), Hailley Pearson, Ellie Severa, Kyle Pasquariello, Chris King. Don’t tell Greg Loney we did this without him.

Greg and Chris at poster

Spring 2017: Dr. Loney explains how orosensory factors are key regulators of alcohol intake. Chris, impressed with his explanatory style, looks on. Poster presentation at the Research Institute on Addictions research fair.

Lab Photo

Summer 2016 lab photo. From Left: Paul Meyer, Hailley Pearson, Jordan Tripi, Nathaniel Roberson, Greg Loney, Kyle Pasquariello, Chris King, Cagla Unal, Anne Taylor, Nick Nguyen, Marina Han.

Lab Photo Outside

Summer 2015 lab photo. From left: Chris King, Natasha Singh, Cassi Versaggi, Jordan Tripi, Paul Meyer, Colton Sleister, Nathaniel Roberson, Jeremy Morowitz, James Adegbite


Chris points to the a-hole: poster presentation at the International Behavioral and Neural Genetics Society, May 2014, Chicago IL.