Parts of the Buffalo

They say that the Great Plains tribes, including the Sioux, wasted no part of the buffalo (see reidsguides for a nice article). Besides the meat, hides were used for clothes, horns and bones used for tools and weapons, bladders for canteens, tails as flyswatters, testicles for baby rattles (!), and dried dung for fuel. In our … More Parts of the Buffalo

Throbbing, Pulsing Desire

A new Radiolab podcast talks about addiction, particularly focusing on the use of somewhat-newer drugs like baclofen, acamprosate, naltrexone, buprenorphine, others. It’s interesting to hear the words they use.  One guy, after taking baclofen, says “I would try to use cocaine, I couldn’t feel the effects of it“.  Then he says “when I was taking it, … More Throbbing, Pulsing Desire