Matriculating students!

Congratulations to Jordan Tripi and Nathaniel Roberson who have moved on to the next stage in their careers!

Jordan will be joining the Meyerlab as its newesjordan2t Ph.D. student, after having completing her master’s project, titled “Individual differences in food cue responsivity are associated with acute and repeated cocaine-induced vocalizations, but not cue-induced vocalizations”.  The paper resulting from this project is currently under review for publication.  Congratulations Jordan and welcome to the program! We are very lucky to have you continue your training with us!

Nathaniel worked in the Meyerlab beginning in January 2014, first pic for labas an undergraduate for course credit, then as a part-time and then-full time research technician.  This fall, Nathaniel is off to Cincinnati, where he will be attending medical school at the University of Cincinnati. There, he hopes to transfer his rodent surgical skills to humans.  In the meantime, you might want to avoid getting injured in Cincinnati. Congratulations Nathaniel!

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